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Heading to a Spanish festival this summer? Be #festivalaware

Read our advice on how to make the most of festivals this summer.

Heading to a Spanish festival this summer? Be #festivalaware

Every summer, Spain hosts a number of different festivals, such as BBK Live, Sonar, Gay Pride Madrid and the Low Festival. The vast majority of British tourists don’t have any problems at these events, but it’s best to be aware of a few things for when you go.

Before you go

  • get travel insurance. Make sure you carry the contact number and policy number with you and leave a copy of your policy with someone at home.
  • take 2 photocopies of your passport. Leave one at home and take the other with you.
  • tell family or friends where you’ll be staying
  • fill in the last page of your passport with your emergency contacts
  • follow @BritsvisitSpain on Twitter

At the festival

  • keep your valuables locked in a safe place (such as a hotel safe) and carry as few valuables as possible
  • carry a photocopy of your passport around with you
  • keep some spare cash separate from the rest
  • keep your cash and mobile in a zipped pocket
  • avoid walking home on your own; taxis are readily available in Spanish cities. Take care on public transport and don’t be distracted.

If you need help:

  • most festivals have information points you can go to for help and advice and to look for lost property
  • in an emergency, call 112.
  • if your passport has gone missing, you can get an Emergency Travel Document to get you home.
  • you’ll need to do get a police report, fill in an online application form if you can, pay £100 (online or at the consulate in Euros) and go to a British Consulate to complete the process
Published 17 June 2016