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Grainger Inquest to be converted into a judge-led inquiry

The Home Secretary has announced that the inquest into the death of Anthony Grainger is to be converted into a judge-led statutory inquiry.

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary Theresa May today announced, by way of a written ministerial statement, that the inquest into the death of Anthony Grainger is to be converted into a judge-led statutory inquiry.

Judge Teague, who had been appointed as Coroner, wrote to the Home Secretary and Justice Secretary to explain his view that the inquest should be turned into a public inquiry under the 2005 Inquiries Act to permit all relevant evidence to be heard by the Judge.

The Home Secretary has now agreed that a public inquiry should be set up. The Lord Chancellor and Attorney General have also agreed that Judge Teague should be appointed as chair to the inquiry.

The inquiry’s terms of reference are to ascertain when, where, how and in what circumstances Anthony Grainger came by his death during a Greater Manchester Police operation, and then to make any such recommendations as may seem appropriate.

In particular it will investigate:

  • The objectives and planning of the operation;

  • The information available to those who planned the operation, and the accuracy, reliability, interpretation, evaluation, transmission and dissemination of such information;

  • The decision to deploy armed police officers and to make arrests, and the criteria applied in reaching those decisions;

  • The command and control of the operation, its implementation, the actions of officers during the arrest phase, and the circumstances in which the officer who fired the fatal shot came to discharge his weapon;

  • The suitability or otherwise of the firearms, ammunition and other munitions deployed in the operation;

  • Any relevant firearms policies, protocols or manuals in force at the material time, together with any subsequent revisions or amendments;

  • Whether (and, if so, to what extent) the judgment, reactions or operational effectiveness of any of the planners, commanders or firearms officers were compromised by extended hours of duty or by limitations in their professional capabilities;

  • The extent to which Mr Grainger’s injuries would have incapacitated him whilst he remained conscious;

  • Whether, after Mr Grainger was shot, his life could have been saved.

Home Secretary Theresa May said:

I am today announcing that the inquest into the death of Anthony Grainger is to become a judge-led inquiry. Judge Teague can now begin his review of this case.

It has been necessary to convert the inquest to a statutory inquiry so all relevant evidence can be heard by the Judge. I have agreed with Judge Teague that the inquiry will have the same scope as the current inquest, which has been adjourned prior to the setting up of the inquiry.

My hope is that this inquiry will be able to determine how and in what circumstances Mr Grainger came by his death and that this can bring some solace to his family.

The arrangements for the inquiry will now be a matter for Judge Teague. The Home Office and Ministry of Justice will provide support as needed.

Published 17 March 2016