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Future Building: a firm platform for innovation

Global urbanisation, climate change and energy security are demanding more from the built environment than ever before.

An image of Demand Logic's Data Acquisition Device which identifies energy wastage in buildings - developed with funding from Innovate UK
Funding from Innovate UK helped Demand Logic develop their Data Acquisition Device which identifies energy wastage in buildings.

Future Building, launched today by Innovate UK at EcoBuild, outlines how up to £60 million in grant funding will be invested over the next 5 years to meet these challenges and support business-led innovation.

The funding will bring private and public sectors together to meet challenges in areas that have high growth potential for business such as:

  • high performance materials and building technologies
  • digital design and engineering
  • energy eco-systems
  • energy management and diagnostics tools

Simon Hart, Low Impact Building Innovation Platform Leader at Innovate UK said:

We need to find resilient, sustainable and adaptable solutions that can be delivered with precision and at high quality on an industrial scale.

Our funding will help transform the sector, integrate supply chains, capitalise on the UK’s current leadership position, mitigate import threats, develop growth sub-sectors and exploit export opportunities.

Since 2008, the LIBIP has invested £79 million (leveraged by match funding to £118 million) in 20 major programmes, funding 800 UK organisations through 580 projects. The estimated impact on the UK economy is £1.5 billion.

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Published 3 March 2015