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Foreign Secretary statement on Syria aid convoy attack

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson welcomes the UN Board of Inquiry’s summary of its investigation into the attack on an aid convoy, which took place in Urem al-Kubra, northern Syria, on 19 September.


The Foreign Secretary said:

I welcome the Board of Inquiry’s report, which found that the aid convoy was attacked from the air, making it clear that the strike was carried out by forces of either the Asad regime or Russia.

This was one of the most appalling incidents of the conflict so far. Whether deliberate or accidental, this was an indefensible attack, with at least ten people killed and vital aid to vulnerable people destroyed.

Over half a million Syrians are still in areas besieged by the regime – many have received no aid since June. The regime and its backers must comply with their obligations, including the recently adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2328, to allow the UN unconditional, safe and unhindered access across Syria.

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Published 22 December 2016