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Foreign Secretary congratulates President Rouhani on his re-election

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson congratulates President Rouhani of Iran on his re-election.


Responding to Iran’s announcement that Hassan Rouhani had been elected for a second term, the Foreign Secretary said:‪

I congratulate President Rouhani on his re-election, after a lively campaign in which the Iranian people participated in large numbers.

During President Rouhani’s first term we made good progress on improving UK-Iran relations, including an upgrade in diplomatic relations, and I welcome his continued commitment to the nuclear deal Iran signed up to in 2015. It is important that we now work together to ensure this deal is fully implemented, and its benefits continue to be felt by all parties.

I encourage President Rouhani to continue Iran’s engagement with the international community and look forward to continued dialogue and progress on a range of issues, including Iran’s regional policies, human rights and matters of bilateral concern, in particular our dual national consular cases.

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Published 20 May 2017