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Foreign Secretary and Minister for Europe to attend Cypriot-led talks in Geneva

Boris Johnson and Sir Alan Duncan will attend Cyprus settlement talks to offer UK support for the ongoing negotiations.


Their attendance at the UN-facilitated talks in Geneva on Thursday 12 January is part of the UK’s ongoing support for the Cypriot-led settlement talks.

Ahead of the talks, the Foreign Secretary said:

I welcome the continued courage and commitment that has been shown by both sides. The talks in Geneva on the Cyprus settlement offer both sides a unique opportunity to find a solution. The UK fully supports the settlement process and is ready and willing to help in any way it can.

I hope that all those involved will approach the talks with a sense of openness and flexibility. I believe that if approached in this light, a solution is in reach to bring lasting peace to Cyprus.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at UN Geneva

Notes to Editors

  • The current round of Cyprus settlement negotiations started in May 2015 and has been led by the leaders of the 2 communities, facilitated by the UN.
  • The UK is attending the Geneva talks from 12 January as a Guarantor Power (under the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee). As such we have a longstanding commitment – alongside our Guarantor Power partners, Greece and Turkey – to support the 2 communities as they work to find a successful solution to the Cyprus problem.

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Published 12 January 2017