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First annual report on the Intellectual Property Office’s activities and its contribution to innovation and growth

This report sets out the vital contribution to innovation and growth that the work of the Intellectual Property Office has made in 2013/14.

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The supporting innovation and growth report highlights the links between the use of Intellectual Property in companies and their potential to grow and increase revenue, as well as setting out key developments of IP policy. During the year important changes were made to the copyright framework to give users additional freedoms to use copyright works that will deliver £100s of millions of benefits over the next decade. Alongside this, innovative approaches to raise awareness of the value of copyright reached more than 14 million people.

The report also highlights the growing demand for high quality IP rights, with more than 23,000 patent applications and almost 49,000 trade mark applications being received by the IPO in the last year.

This first report shows all that has been done to protect and nurture the ideas that we need to fuel the country’s economic growth and make sure that the money invested into intellectual property continues to produce results.

Published 4 November 2014