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Fee display on DBS certificates

DBS certificates will show if a fee has been charged by the DBS.

Fee display on DBS certificates

From 31 May 2015 all standard and enhanced DBS certificates will show if a fee has been charged by the DBS.

DBS fees are:

  • £26 for a standard check
  • £44 for an enhanced check
  • £44 for an enhanced with barred list check

Applicants don’t pay a fee to us for volunteer positions; however these checks are processed in exactly the same way as those for a paid position.

This change will let you see whether the DBS certificate was issued for a paid role or a volunteer role. The new text will show at the top left-hand side of the certificate stating either ‘No DBS fee charged’ or ‘DBS fee charged’.

DBS fee charged image (JPEG, 78.2KB)

No DBS fee charged image (JPEG, 66.2KB)

An administration fee may be charged by the organisation that submits your DBS check application to us. This is separate to the DBS fee.

If you think that the fee charged text is wrong on your DBS certificate you need to speak to the person who submitted your application to discuss what has been charged.

After this, if the fee text on your certificate needs further investigation you can contact us.

Published 22 May 2015