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Family Restoration Fund gets £2 million extra funding

The fund pays the travel costs for British former child migrants to be reunited with their families.


The Department of Health has announced a £2 million increase in its funding of the Family Restoration Fund, which is administered by the Child Migrants Trust.

Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price said:

Seven years on from the national apology, the Government continues to remember the suffering endured by so many people as a result of child migration programmes. I am pleased that we have been able to extend the Family Restoration Fund, enabling more people to be helped.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is working to ensure that justice is done for all victims of abuse. Its focus on the child migration schemes allows us to learn important lessons from the events of the past, to ensure that we never forget former child migrants and their families.

The Family Restoration Fund was launched in 2010 at the formal national apology to British former child migrants. So far, it has helped more than 1,000 former child migrants to be reunited with their families.

Published 7 July 2017