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Failure to submit sales notes costs fish merchant over £6,000

A Rye fish merchant who failed to provide legal documents relating to fish sales has been ordered to pay over £6000 in court.


On Friday 19 December Eastbourne Magistrates Court heard how Duncan Grant, a Director of Croeso (Lydd) Ltd, had been charged by the Marine Management Organisation with failing to submit sales notes between February and April 2014.

Buyers of first sale fish are required by law to submit sales notes within 48 hours of fish being landed to the company.

The court heard that “a considerable amount of fish”, estimated by the MMO to be around £250,000, was not declared by the company through the required documents. It was also told this was the third such case involving the company, with the most recent heard in January 2014.

The court also acknowledged the case was a “serious environmental matter”, with potential impact on fish stocks due to landings not being declared.

Mr Grant was ordered to pay £3000 for each of the 4 charges, (reduced to £1000 per offence due to his means), a £2000 contribution to costs and a £100 victim surcharge.

Published 23 December 2014