Press release

EU heads of state or government and leaders of EU institutions: joint statement

The UK and other EU heads of state or government and EU institution leaders have issued a joint statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris.


The European Union is deeply shocked and in mourning after the terrorist attacks in Paris. It is an attack against us all. We will face this threat together with all necessary means and ruthless determination.

France is a great and strong nation. Its values of liberty, equality and fraternity inspired and inspire the European Union. Today we stand united with the French people and the government of France. This shameful act of terrorism will only achieve the opposite of its purpose, which was to divide, frighten, and sow hatred.

Good is stronger than evil. Everything that can be done at European level to make France safe will be done. We will do what is necessary to defeat extremism, terrorism and hatred.

We Europeans will all remember 13 November 2015 as a European day of mourning. All Europeans are invited to join in one minute of silence in memory of the victims at noon (11am GMT) on Monday, 16 November.

Published 14 November 2015