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Enjoy a trouble-free music festival in Serbia in summer 2016

If you are going to a music festival abroad, get the inside track on how to enjoy without getting into any hassle.

EXIT Festival 2016

Every year, thousands of Brits attend the EXIT music festival in Serbia. Whilst the vast majority of festival goers have a great time with no problems, those that do need help is almost always because their passport has been lost or stolen.

This is the last thing you want to deal with - replacing it can be a hassle, is expensive and could mean you miss out on the festival fun.

Before you set off, do these seven simple things:

  • get travel insurance and check what it covers
  • leave a photocopy of your passport with your family in the UK
  • fill in the last page of your passport with your emergency contacts
  • make a photocopy of your passport or take a photo of your passport on your phone
  • check with the festival organisers if you can pre-book a safety locker at the festival
  • check out travel advice
  • follow our twitter UKinSerbia account

When you arrive, make sure you:

  • lock your valuables in one of the lockers available on site
  • if camping, don’t leave anything valuable in your tent
  • carry a photocopy of your passport with you and leave the original locked away
  • have one of your cash cards and some cash separate from the rest of your valuables just in case
  • be extra careful in large crowds, keep your cash in a zipped pocked or bag
  • follow the instructions of the event organisers and Serbian Police whenever necessary

After it’s over, be extra vigilant:

  • bear in mind you will be tired, which makes you more vulnerable
  • don’t fall asleep on the beach if you have your valuables on you
  • public transport can be busy so give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport or to get your train

If something goes wrong:

Your local Consulate is available to offer help and support if you have been hospitalised, arrested or are a victim of crime. You can call us on 00381 11 306 0900 if you need help, advice or an Emergency Passport.

Don’t forget that the festival organisers can also support you. Go to one of the information points at the campsite. For more information visit the Exit Festival website

Take a look at our EXIT flyer and Summer Checklist below:

EXIT Festival 2016 flyer (PDF, 158KB, 1 page)

Summer Checklist

Published 17 June 2016