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Email change: goodbye GSi

Reminder that Land Registry email address will change on 30 January 2016.


We recently shared details of our plans to change our email address. Here is a reminder of what will be changing from the end of this month.

What’s changing

We will remove ‘.gsi’ from the email address.

So, for example if your contact is Alex White, his email address will change from:


What you need to do:

  • from 30 January, update your Land Registry contacts: remove .gsi from the email address
  • by 29 February, make sure all your Land Registry email address records are updated
  • remember to update any tools that use our email address

From 30 January to 29 February we will redirect any emails sent to a .gsi email address. From 29 February, messages sent with .gsi in the email address will receive a ‘bounce-back’ notice.

Over the next five years the GSi network will be phased out across Government.

Email security will not be affected by this change.


If you have any questions about this change or require more information please contact us.

Published 5 January 2016