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Eighth UK-Kuwait Joint Steering Group

Further steps in UK-Kuwait cooperation agreed at the latest Joint Steering Group meeting on 25-26 May


The eighth meeting of the biannual UK-Kuwait Joint Steering Group took place in London on 25-26 May 2016, co-chaired by the UK’s Minister for the Middle East, Tobias Ellwood, and Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Khaled Al-Jarallah.

Ministers agreed to step up collaboration on energy, trade, migration, security, defence, healthcare, education and culture. Both sides welcomed the progress made since the last Joint Steering Group and were keen to see even more cooperation over the coming months. The dialogue on the key areas of focus over the next six months highlighted the strength of, and the importance attached to, the bilateral relationship between both countries.

The chairs welcomed progress made in the energy dialogue since they last met, noting it had led to greater cooperation in research and technology. They also welcomed the deepening of defence cooperation which remained strong, and agreed to work on a new defence cooperation agreement. The discussion on migration and security focussed on aviation security, a key global threat faced by both sides. Together, the Ministers committed to continuing to support efforts by British and Kuwaiti businesses to increase trade links and investment. Cooperation in the field of healthcare and health infrastructure was also discussed.

Both sides also affirmed their strong commitment to continuing to cooperate on education and the importance of cultural exchanges. These continue to be an important opportunity to build on our shared history and values, and engage the next generation. Mr Ellwood and Ambassador Al-Jarallah also exchanged views on recent political developments in the Middle East and agreed to continue the open dialogue shared by the two countries.

The Ministers were pleased with the progress made during the work of the Joint Steering Group and signed a formal action plan for the next six months. They expressed their commitment to working together to advance the close Kuwait – UK relationship to the benefit of both countries.

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Published 27 May 2016