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Driver CPC milestone for bus and coach drivers

Today (Tuesday 10 September 2013) is the deadline for many bus and coach drivers to have completed their first block of periodic training.


The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) was introduced in:

  • 2008 for bus and coach drivers
  • 2009 for lorry drivers

New drivers who drive for a living had to start taking the Driver CPC initial qualification from then.

Existing drivers were given ‘acquired rights’ which took their previous experience into account. This meant they didn’t have to take the initial qualification but had 5 years in which to complete their first block of 35 hours periodic training.

Checking for illegal driving

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) officers already routinely check the Driver CPC status of professional drivers.

From today, they will also be able to check whether ‘acquired rights’ bus and coach drivers have completed their training and have a driver qualification card (DQC) or are driving illegally.

Valuable contribution to road safety

Alastair Peoples, Driving Standards Agency and VOSA Chief Executive, said:

I’d like to thank the bus, coach and haulage industry for their support so far; that includes the drivers and operators who’ve committed to the training and the wider industry who’ve been invaluable in helping to introduce Driver CPC. I hope the LGV industry will now continue this commitment over the coming months as we work towards their deadline next September.

Driver CPC makes a valuable contribution to road safety as well as making savings for the industry. VOSA officers will be checking Driver CPC status and not being aware of Driver CPC is no excuse.

Over 240,000 drivers have completed their training

The latest statistics show that 241,930 drivers have now completed 35 hours periodic training and been issued with a DQC. They also show that 661,820 have started doing periodic training.

In total it’s estimated that 500,000 to 750,000 bus, coach and lorry drivers require Driver CPC.

Deadline for lorry drivers

You have until 10 September 2014 to finish your training if you’re a lorry driver with acquired rights.

You risk being fined and even losing your livelihood if you don’t complete your training by the deadline.

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Published 10 September 2013