Check your Driver CPC periodic training hours

Use this service to:

  • check how many hours of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training you’ve done
  • check which courses you’ve attended
  • check when you’ll get your next Driver CPC card
  • create a temporary password for your employer so they can view your record
  • view your employee’s record if they’ve given you a temporary password

There’s a different way to get updates on Driver CPC training in Northern Ireland.

Start now

Before you start

Register to use the service if you’re a new user.

You can’t register until the training centre has updated your record to show what training you’ve already done.

Contact the training centre or the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to find out if your record has been updated.

DVSA Driver CPC enquiries
Telephone: 0300 123 7721
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

How to register

You need your:

  • driving licence number
  • home postcode

A password will be sent by post to the address on your driving licence.

You can request a new password if you don’t receive yours or forget it.

Contact DVSA if you need help using the service.

DVSA Driver CPC\

Problems with your record

Contact the training centre if any training you’ve done is not showing on your record after 5 days.

If the training centre has stopped trading and they have not updated your training record, you can get help from Citizens Advice.