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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) launches new online services

We've introduced new online digital services for you to use.

Digital Services

We’ve introduced new digital services for you to use. We know that you’d like more online services, which will improve our processing times and help you manage your information quickly and easily.


Our new online barring system is now available.

Employers and organisations can submit barring referrals online by registering to create an online account with DBS. A DBS account will also enable you to manage your barring referrals online and share information with DBS through our secure government platform.

In addition, anyone who has been referred to DBS can now set up an account to communicate confidentially with us about their case.

Basic criminal record checks

If you need a basic criminal record check for a job in England and Wales or for personal reasons and you live in England and Wales you’ll be able to apply direct to DBS for a basic check from January 2018. As part of the online application you’ll need to prove your identity through GOV.UK Verify. You can also apply now for a check through a Responsible Organisation, which is a third party registered with DBS.

If you need a basic criminal record check for a job in Scotland or for personal reasons and you live in Scotland you’ll be able to apply direct to Disclosure Scotland, who will continue to process basic criminal record checks for Scotland.

A basic criminal record check shows unspent convictions. Anyone can apply for a basic criminal record checks. Many employers also use them as part of the recruitment processes. If you’re self-employed you can also apply for a basic check.

Standard and enhanced criminal record checks

Also in 2018 we’ll be introducing online standard and enhanced checks for employers and organisations. The system will allow you to:

  • register to create an online account with DBS
  • manage DBS check applications online
  • track the progress of DBS applications online and do status checks

These checks are needed for certain roles, especially when working with children and vulnerable adults.

We’ll continue to keep you updated about DBS online services over the coming months.

Use our eligibility tool to find out which criminal record check is right for you.

GOV.UK email alerts

You can sign up for GOV.UK alerts, which will notify you of any updates to our web content. Go to the DBS homepage and click on the email icon under the ‘Latest’ box.

You’ll be asked for an email address to create a subscription, and can choose how often you’d like to be alerted when DBS publishes web updates.

Published 4 October 2017