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Crime news: updates to Crown Court fee guidance

Crown Court fee guidance is being updated in a number of areas.


We’re making updates to Crown Court fee guidance which include:

  1. Change to claiming process so new advocates in retrial cases can submit payment claims directly to the Legal Aid Agency.
  2. New content to reflect costs judge decision in R v Gravette (2016). When the trial concludes, if the judge allows a QC for the hearing for mitigation of sentence, a fixed fee will be payable.
  3. Clarification of funding for post-conviction Proceeds of Crime work can be found in a new ‘Appendix R’ in the guidance.
  4. Introduction of 20p bicycle mileage rate where mileage is payable.
  5. Pages of Prosecution Evidence (PPE) guidance updated to reflect that where there is a first stage streamlined forensic report this will now be treated as PPE.
  6. Clarification that the whole of the LAA Report from the Digital Case System must be provided when the advocate is using it in a claim as evidence of PPE.
  7. Ground Rules Hearings will be paid as an admissibility of evidence fixed fee to reflect R v Gratland (2016).

Further information

Crown Court fee guidance – to download updated ‘Crown Court fee guidance’ document

Published 30 March 2017