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Crime news: track legal aid applications with the CRM14 eForm

Our eForm allows you to check the status of your application.


The ideal way to track the progress of your criminal legal aid application is by using the CRM14 eForm.

Providers submitting applications with the eForm should already be familiar with the tracking facility.

This allows you to monitor the progress of your application when making a submission through the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Online Portal – link below.

Our aim is to process the:

  • majority of applications within 2 working days after the date of receipt
  • all applications within 6 working days after the date of receipt

Postal applications

You should allow 7 working days from posting your criminal legal aid application for us to notify you of the outcome.

Postal applications take a little longer because you need to allow:

  • up to 2 working days for your applications to reach us
  • another 2 working days after a successful assessment for your representation order to reach you

If you are concerned about the time your application is taking it is important to take this into account before contacting our regional criminal application team.

If you are having technical problems you should use the specialist helpline – see below.

Urgent applications

If you are unable to act for a client unless the outcome of legal aid is known, you should make an application to the Bench.

If approved, the court will escalate the case to the LAA and it will be dealt with as a priority.

Further information

Legal aid: eForms – to download quick guides on ‘Tracking eForms’ and ‘Using tabs’

Technical support:

Telephone: 0203 334 6664 – for technical problems working in the LAA portal

LAA online – to access the portal

Interests of Justice appeals

Criminal application teams (CATs):

Birmingham CAT


Telephone: 0121 232 5500

Liverpool CAT


Telephone: 0151 235 6750

Nottingham CAT


Telephone: 0115 852 6000

Interests of Justice appeals:

Emails responded to within 5 working days. Helpline hours are 8.30am to 5pm.

Published 16 April 2015