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Crime news: telephone change for Defence Solicitor Call Centre

0845 prefix is changing to 0345 from 1 June for calls to the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC).


The telephone prefix number used to contact the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC) is changing to 0345 instead of 0845 on 1 June 2016. The remainder of the digits remain the same.

Why are you making this change?

This change ensures we comply with Cabinet Office guidance that all publicly funded call centres use 0345 numbers as soon as is practically possible.

0345 numbers typically come free in mobile or landline deals. So, most people should find that there is a cost saving from this change. However, you will need to check with your phone provider to find out more.

The new numbers will be:

  • 0345 7500 620 – solicitor line (was 0845 7500 620)
  • 0345 7500 640 – police line (was 0845 7500 640)
  • 0345 543 8910 – admin line (was 0845 7543 8910)

What will happen if I dial 0845 after 1 June?

The 0845 numbers will still be active. But callers using this number will be presented with a message reminding them of the new number change. If you don’t redial and continue on the call then previous call charges will apply.

The plan is to review usage of both the new and old numbers after three months and make a decision on finally deactivating the 0845 route.

Further information

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Published 17 May 2016