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Crime news: submitting evidence using the Crown Court DCS

When downloading evidence from the Digital Case System for claim submissions remember to check you have all the necessary information.


Claims for Crown Court work under the Litigators’ and Advocates’ Graduated Fee Schemes can now be submitted with evidence downloaded from the Crown Court Digital Case System (CCDCS).

But it is important that we are sent all the evidence we need to process your claim. There is an LAA button within the system which allows users to extract this evidence as a report, covering all the elements we need i.e.

  • committal bundle or NAE front sheets endorsed with the CPS/prosecuting authority page count
  • index of evidence
  • paginated pages or
  • any other objective evidence that has been generated by the prosecution

What the LAA Report includes

The report, which you can download as a PDF and then print for submission, provides the defence practitioner with:

  • a breakdown summary report of paginated evidence bundle
  • page count for each section

Remember that we need to see the whole LAA Report and not just the front index sheet. Your claim can then be properly assessed.

Failure to submit the whole LAA Report may lead to additional delays to claims, and may also lead to claims being assessed down.

Online billing

We are currently rolling out our online billing system for Advocates (CCD). This system allows all relevant evidence to be attached electronically to each claim submission.

The PDF file produced by the DCS system already contains the full report, and so use of the online billing system represents an efficient and effective way of submitting claims, so avoiding unnecessary delay.

The development of a similar system for LGFS claims is also under way.

Further information

Crown Court Digital Case System training guides and videos

Crown Court fee guidance – graduated fee guidance for solicitors and advocates – to request further information about DCS

Published 30 March 2016