Crown Court Digital Case System training guides and videos

Guides and interactive videos for defence lawyers and prosecutors on using the Digital Case System to work on Crown Court cases online.

Check the quick reference guides and interactive training videos below:

Register, log in and find a case

Manage account details

Give or ask for access to a case

Upload multiple documents

Manage the digital file cover

Memoranda: leave notes and messages

Manage the index and upload documents

Manage the structure of a case

Download the index and bundle

Search within a case

Viewing Body Worn Video Footage on

Additional review tools

Direct a court to a page

Download and upload documents in the review pane

Create notes in a digital case file

Manage the indictment

Manage the plea and trial preparation hearing (PTPH) form

Digital Case System to Crown Prosecution Service two-way interface

Record of Case Activity (ROCA)


Published 29 January 2016
Last updated 14 August 2017 + show all updates
  1. QRG notifications document published.
  2. Add body worn video footage information
  3. Digital Case System to CPS two-way interface guide updated.
  4. Additional training video added
  5. Update to Digital Case System to Crown Prosecution Service two-way interface guide
  6. Updates to 14 of the user guides
  7. Added DCS to CPS two-way interface and DCS standard file structure guidance documents
  8. First published.