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Crime news: sending prosecution documents in the Crown Court DCS

Improvement to Crown Court Digital Case System allows practitioners to securely send uploaded documents to the Crown Prosecution Service.


Defence practitioners can now send defence and application documents directly to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) from within the Digital Case System (DCS).

How does this work?

Defence practitioners simply need to look for the green ‘Send to CPS’ button. This is in the same section of the DCS where they upload case documents and applications.

Using the green button allows the document to be sent securely to the CPS case management system. The CPS system will then automatically flag that there is an ‘action-task’ which needs to be reviewed.

The following DCS sections can be used by defence practitioners in this way to send uploaded documents directly to the CPS:

  • basis of plea – section C
  • defence statement – section D
  • expert reports – section M
  • applications – section Q

Custody time limits and bail applications

Defence practitioners should continue sending items relating to custody time limits and bail applications to the CPS via email as well as uploading the documents to the relevant section in DCS.

What are the benefits?

Practitioners and advocates will no longer need to use CJSM Secure eMail outside the DCS to inform the CPS that they have uploaded documents or applications. They can be confident that their document will have been sent securely and that an ‘action-task’ has been raised to review.

When a document has been sent successfully to the CPS a ‘green tick’ will appear. Hovering over that tick will provide an audit record of the sending.

It is important to note that an item has not been successfully served on the CPS until the ‘green tick’ is showing.

Where can I find out more?

See below for a link to the DCS training guides and video page on GOV.UK.

Here you can find guidance on which documents can be uploaded and sent to the CPS and the steps you need to follow to make this happen.

Further information

Crown Court DCS training guides and videos

Published 29 April 2016