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Crime news: quick guides on using CRM14 eForms

Use our quick guides on how to complete a CRM14 eForm and send and manage applications in the eForms portal.


Rollout of the CRM14 eForm across England and Wales will be completed on 22 June 2015 and quick guides are available to help you.

Contract managers will be contacting providers in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester with information about what is happening as rollout in the north west of England is concluded.

The CRM14 eForm makes it possible to submit online applications for criminal legal aid through the eForms portal.

Help in getting up to speed

The quick guides are designed to help you get up to speed in submitting and managing applications through the portal.

The quick guides available for completing applications online using the CRM14 eForm include:

  • submitting a CRM14 eForm
  • CRM14 offline eForm
  • CRM14 eForm – post submission evidence form

There are also a number of quick guides to enable you to manage your applications:

  • registering a new user
  • using tabs
  • reassigning a CRM14 eForm
  • finding your returned or reassigned eForm

Free online training

Providers can also access free online training on the CRM14 eForm and the CRM14 offline eForm at our free weekly online demonstrations.

Use the link below to book your place.

Further information

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Published 19 May 2015