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Crime news: protect yourself by using CJSM Secure eMail

Remember to use Secure eMail to send personal and sensitive legal information across the internet.


Efforts to persuade legal aid providers to use CJSM Secure eMail have resulted in many new accounts being opened.

We now have 80% of providers working with Secure eMail. We would like to boost this percentage and encourage anyone with an account to actively use their Secure eMail.

This is the best way of safeguarding personal or sensitive data when you send emails and avoids the risk of possible data breaches under the Data Protection Act (DPA).

The DPA legislation is increasingly relevant to the way we work and it means that providers should have appropriate security in place.

Prevent data being compromised

This is needed to prevent personal or sensitive data held by providers being accidentally or deliberately compromised.

If you sign up to CJSM Secure eMail you will be able to show that you are doing all that you can to protect information being emailed across the criminal justice system.

How can I sign up?

The registration process takes about 7 working days to complete once you have returned the the signed terms and conditions and business sponsor information.

Further information

CJSM Secure eMail – use ‘signing up’ tab

Defence practitioners: guidelines on digital working – especially ‘CJSM: How to connect’ PDF near foot of page

Published 22 January 2015