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Crime news: outstanding bill submissions for Crown Court work

Reminder letters are going out about the need to bill for Crown Court work for cases that finished more than 3 months ago.


We are sending out reminder letters to providers to send in bills for Crown Court cases that finished more than 3 months ago.

The letters are going to providers:

  • about outstanding bills under the Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS)
  • where the instructed advocate has yet to submit a bill under the Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS).

The help of providers is needed to forward letters to advocates about billing under AGFS. This is because we do not have contact details for advocates until they have submitted an AGFS bill.

Advocates are asked to give their support when letters are forwarded to them.

Why are you doing this now?

We’ve reviewed our services and are concerned that delays in submitting bills under LGFS and AGFS are affecting our service delivery.

Further information – for any questions about this process

Published 22 June 2017