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Crime news: new form and process to transfer representation order

Updated form goes to relevant court instead of Legal Aid Agency following introduction of simplified process.


A new form is available to use when applications are made to transfer a representation order.

The change is being made as a result of criminal procedure rules introduced in October 2015.

The new approach means all the information needed to process these applications as quickly and efficiently as possible will be available on the completed form.

The existing form will be removed from the LAA’s GOV.UK web pages. The new form should be used from Monday 29 February.

What does this mean for providers?

  • you should start downloading and using the new form from 29 February 2016
  • when using the new form you should send your application to the relevant court – do not send it to the LAA
  • decisions on the application will be made by the court and the LAA will be informed
  • amendments to the relevant records will be made by the LAA and we will send providers an amended representation order
  • the existing LAA form is no longer available for download and will not be accepted for processing after 28 March 2016

Why is this happening now?

These changes are designed to reduce the administrative burden on providers, the LAA and the courts.

It follows the introduction of new criminal procedure rules in October 2015.

Further information

Justice website: procedure rules – to download ‘Application by Person with Legal Aid to Change Solicitor’ scroll down to ‘other proceedings’ (part 46 representatives)

Criminal legal aid processing: applications and digital systems – to download ‘Guidance on changes to processing criminal legal aid applications’

Published 29 February 2016