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Crime news: national ‘trial blitz’ starts in April 2015

Initiative to tackle trial backlogs launched by judiciary.


A national ‘trial blitz’ to deal with backlogs in the criminal justice system is to start in April 2015.

As the ‘trial blitz’ rolls out there is likely to be a rise in the level of criminal legal aid work processed in areas taking part.

The initiative has come from the judiciary and has the backing of the Lord Chief Justice and the Senior Presiding Judge.

It will start in London on 13 April for a six week period before moving on to Manchester, Kent and other parts of the country where the idea has been welcomed.

The ‘trial blitz’ will concentrate on shorter and less complicated trials and be focused on areas where the backlogs are highest. It is being launched to support the Transforming Summary Justice programme. This aims to create a more efficient and swifter justice system.

You can find out more about the national ‘trial blitz’ in an article by Senior District Judge Howard Riddle in the Law Society Gazette – see link below.

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