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Crime news: maps showing professional court user wi-fi sites

Online maps highlight every courthouse updated with wi-fi system in England and Wales.


Interactive maps allowing providers to identify the nearest courthouses equipped with professional court user wi-fi are now available.

The online Google maps, which also shows which court buildings are next in line to be equipped with the system, have been produced by the Criminal Justice System (CJS) efficiency programme.

Introducing professional court user wi-fi means installing wi-fi in courtrooms, advocates’ rooms, consultation rooms, public areas and custody suites (other than cells).

It is being rolled out, courthouse by courthouse, in Crown and magistrates’ courts around the country between November 2014 and the end of March 2016. There will be 8 delivery phases.

Benefits of professional court user wi-fi

The benefit for providers is that they can make better use of down-time at court by using wi-fi to:

  • access Criminal Justice Secure eMail
  • complete and submit legal aid applications in the courthouse
  • communicate with their own corporate case management systems

Using the online map

There are 2 online maps which you can use. One is for magistrates’ courts and the second is for Crown Court buildings – see below.

Having identified their local courthouse, providers can click on the map pin which will display roll-out details for professional court user wi-fi across England and Wales.

The digital status of every single court will also be visible by looking at the colour of the map pins:

  • green – installed
  • amber– to be installed in next delivery phase
  • red – planned delivery dates seen by clicking on pin

Further information

Interactive online maps:

Magistrates’ courts

Crown Court buildings

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CJS efficiency programme

Email – for enquiries about the CJS efficiency programme

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Published 23 October 2014