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Crime news: free online training for CRM14 eForm

Register for training on using CRM14 eForms to submit applications online.


Take advantage of free online training on using the CRM14 eForm which is being rolled out across England and Wales as an electronic alternative for submitting applications.

Completing the training will allow you to join the large number of providers already enjoying the benefits of eForms:

  • more than 70% of applications to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) in May 2015 were made using the eForm
  • 73% of providers surveyed in Nottinghamshire, Cheshire and Merseyside say they won’t return to paper applications after starting to use eForms

WebEx training

If you are not already submitting your criminal legal applications online and would like to learn more we are hosting weekly online training sessions via WebEx.

These are held every Tuesday between 4pm and 5pm. The training is free and can be carried out in your office if you have access to the internet and a telephone.

What the training covers

  • eForms portal tour
  • introduction to CRM14 and the new post submission evidence form
  • guide on using the offline CRM14 eForm
  • directions on how to move eForms between members of your firm
  • monitoring the progress of applications
  • electronic notifications and correspondence

Further information

Register for training on eventbrite

Legal Aid: Crime eForm

Published 2 June 2015