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Crime news: ‘Fastrak’ billing changes under Proceeds of Crime Act

Proceeds of Crime Act Fastrak bills previously submitted by post must be emailed.


All Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Fastrak bills need be submitted by email to

The new process came into effect on 3 January 2017 and allows us to assess and pay POCA Fastrak bills faster and improve our service to legal aid providers.

What to include with your claim

In order for us to assess your claim the electronic bundle must include:

  • Fastrak POCA cover sheet
  • completed 5144 form for claiming back costs
  • copies of relevant travel or disbursement receipts
  • copy of the court listing
  • copy of the representation order

Obtaining Fastrak cover sheets

An electronic POCA Fastrak cover sheet will be sent by email to all current legal aid providers who have made claims in the past year.

Copies of the 5144 form can also be obtained by emailing:

Published 7 December 2016