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Crime news: do not use Criminal Justice Secure eMail when overseas

CJSM users should not use Secure eMail outside the UK.


Providers and advocates should not attempt to use the Criminal Justice Secure eMail (CJSM) system when working overseas.

This condition is stated in the terms and conditions for using CJSM – see link below.

Providers or chambers should ensure all users understand the security responsibility of having a CJSM account as it is their responsibility to follow the terms and conditions.

Why are you telling us this now?

It has become an issue since a prosecution barrister was found to be trying to enter the CJSM system from outside the UK.

The barrister was trying to reset his account password – apparently unaware he was breaking the terms and conditions of the account by accessing the system from abroad.

He had been working in this way for almost 12 months because he was living overseas and based in UK chambers – only returning to the UK to conduct trials.

Key points

  • CJSM should only be accessed within the UK and not from overseas
  • this is required to protect the credentials of CJSM (user name and password) and the overall security of the system – see CJSM terms and conditions below
  • clause 21 states: ‘I confirm that I will only connect to CJSM from within the UK and will not attempt to access the CJSM service from a location that is outside the UK.’
  • users may not use CJSM from overseas without express permission from the Ministry of Justice and accessing CJSM from overseas may mean access is suspended
  • users should make alternative arrangements if there is a need to share information while overseas

Further information

CJSM helpdesk

Telephone: 0870 010 8535


Secure eMail: terms and conditions

Published 20 November 2014