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Crime news: dates for digital case system multi-hander rollout

All Crown Court sites in line to be equipped with the new Digital Case System multi-hander solution between 30 July and 3 September 2018.


Providers will have a new online tool available to them when the Digital Case System (DCS) multi-hander solution is rolled out over the summer months.

How does it work?

Certain parts of case files within DCS are given restricted status. When defence, prosecution or court users upload a document to a restricted section they can choose who sees the document.

For example, the defence could choose to upload a client application and make it available to another defence team or keep it private between the court and themselves. Permissions can be amended at any time.

There are no changes to the existing processes. Providers should continue to download and submit the LAA Report with their claim.

Where can I find out more?

See the guidance page on GOV.UK for detailed information about the changes. Your local court can confirm specific rollout dates.

Further information

Crown Court Digital Case System training guides and videos

Published 25 July 2018