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Crime news: 2017 Standard Crime Contract holders list available

Outcome of procurement process for award of 2017 Standard Crime Contract.


A full list of contract holders able to carry out work under the 2017 Standard Crime Contract is now available.

This follows publication of the outcome of the procurement process for the award of the new 2017 contract. Use the link below to view the full list.

Out of the 1,299 contracted organisations, 1,199 deliver own client and duty work and 100 deliver work on an own client only basis.

The list of duty solicitors contains 5,500 members. This is a reduction of about 1,000 members compared to the previous members list. The members’ list is also available – see below.

Further Information

Legal aid crime tender 2017 – for 2017 contract holders’ list

Duty solicitors: rotas, information and guidance – for members’ list

Published 29 June 2017