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Cooperation funds for Science and Innovation in Uruguay

Interesting opportunities for collaboration projects with the UK

Research is GREAT

The British Embassy in Montevideo offers funds to collaborate with the development of Science and Innovation in Uruguay through financing cooperation projects between Uruguayan and British researchers and institutions.

The funds will be implemented through different calls for proposals, some of them in coordination with ANII (the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay), during the current year. Whilst there are priority areas, specified below, proposals outside said list will also be considered should they present special interest for the country.

In this website you will find all the relevant information.

Closed calls

Innovation is GREAT

Priority Areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Human Health
  • Animal Sciences
  • Environment & Climate
  • Biotechnology
  • Water and sanitation
  • Food Science and food technology
  • IT
  • Cultural Industries
  • Plastics and metal industries

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Natural Environment Research Council

Biotechnology and biological sciences research council

Economic and Social Research Council

Engineering and Physical Science Research Council

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Published 21 July 2015
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