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Consultancy opportunity about the Energy Sector in Brazil

The British Embassy is commissioning a desk study of Brazil’s regulatory framework and energy market. Analysis will support the Prosperity Fund Energy programme.


As part of the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund Brazil, the British Embassy is commissioning a desk study of Brazil’s regulatory framework and analysis of Brazil’s energy market. This analysis will inform and support the Prosperity Fund Energy programme.

The Prosperity Fund will form a small but integral element of the UK’s total Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment of 0.7% of GNI. It will primarily be focused on ODA eligible middle income countries, contributing to poverty reduction and complementing DFID’s work in poorer countries. In this way, the fund will contribute towards meeting the new Sustainable Development Goals. ODA spend under the fund will be fully consistent with OECD DAC criteria.


Brazil’s economic growth is reliant on meeting its growing energy demand – by 2030, total energy demand is expected to increase 60% requiring an estimated cumulative investment of £365bn by 2030. However regulatory and technological barriers and a challenging business environment will prevent Brazil from achieving its energy goals.

The British Embassy is developing a programme to support Brazil’s low carbon energy transition. In order to inform the programme, the British Embassy is seeking a consultant to undertake research to collate the current energy regulatory framework in areas detailed below and an assessment of how the current regulation are impacting the development of the sector, including technological barriers and on investment. The report should clearly identify potential areas for reform and the potential impact this can bring to the sector. The report will be in English.


Detailed report containing the following information:

  • Brazil’s current regulation on the sectors below
  • assessment of regulatory reforms needed to improve business environment in the sectors below


Oil & Gas

  • decommissioning
  • EOR
  • local content


  • energy efficiency
  • smart grids
  • energy storage


  • renewable energy integration into the main grid in particular:
  • solar
  • wind
  • biogas

Consultant responsibilities

  1. You will report directly to the Head of the Prosperity Fund Energy team. You will have regular contact with the Energy Officer.
  2. Provide weekly updates to the with the Energy Officer and lead on monthly meetings to share progress, agree direction of the activities and agree decisions pertinent to the success of the objectives of the project.

Price range

We are procuring the consultancy services as described above within the price range of £21,000 and £24,900

Period and expected timetable

Date Activity
Introductory meeting First week of January 2018
First Draft report review February 21 2018

First payment (30%)

Date Activity
Second report review March 8 2018
Final version release March 20 2018
Final version release  

Second payment (70%)

Activity Date
Closing date December 19
Contract Type Full time
Start date 2 January 2018
End date 31 March 2018


Please send:

  1. Proposal based on the terms of this document, including details of delivery deadlines;
  2. Curriculum of the technical team of consultants who will undertake the study;
  3. Financial proposal which should include all charges and fees.

Submit proposals to by 19 December 2017.

Published 13 December 2017