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CMA updates register of advisory and warning letters

The CMA has updated its register of competition law advisory and warning letters with details for 2016.

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The register lists the letters that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) sent out in 2016 to companies it was concerned might be breaking competition law, along with details of the relevant sector and the suspected behaviour of concern.

The CMA sends advisory and warning letters to businesses where it is concerned that their practices may be harming competition, but where a full formal investigation would not currently be justified under its prioritisation principles. However, such letters do not preclude the possibility of a formal investigation at a later date.

Letters contain a deadline by which the business should confirm receipt and, in the case of warning letters, explain what steps it is taking to ensure it is complying with the law.

Both advisory and warning letters may also be sent in connection with a formal investigation; these are noted on the registers where relevant, and some CMA case pages and communications may also refer to these.

Further information on the CMA’s use of advisory and warning letters is available on the guidance page.

Published 15 February 2017