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CMA accepts remedies in fuel pumps merger

The CMA has accepted undertakings from Dover to remedy competition concerns arising from its merger with Wayne.

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This follows the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) intervention to ensure that choice is maintained for petrol and diesel retailers in the UK in relation to the supplier of their fuel pumps. Without maintaining competition and choice in this sector, the CMA would expect the cost of purchasing and maintaining fuel pumps at petrol stations in the UK to increase, or service quality to fall, resulting in higher road fuel costs to UK motorists.

Dover Corporation (Dover) has agreed to sell Wayne Fueling System Ltd’s (Wayne) UK distribution business to Petrotec S.G.P.S. S.A., which the CMA considers to be a suitable purchaser.

Therefore the merger will not be referred for an in-depth investigation.

All information relating to this investigation can be found on the case page.

Published 19 December 2016