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Climate change in Cuba: call for bids

The British Embassy in Havana is inviting bids for funding for climate change projects to be implemented before March 2021.

The British Embassy in Havana is inviting bids for funding for Climate Change projects which budgets between £500.00 and £10 000, to be implemented before March 2021 to support cooperation between the United Kingdom and Cuba in this key area for both countries.

We will run a competitive bidding process to ensure we use our allocation for projects that are of high quality and deliver value for money.

The United Kingdom will host the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) during November 2021 in Glasgow. This call for bids is aligned with our commitment to:

  1. support climate action
  2. create resilience and
  3. reduce national emissions

We aim to collaborate with Cuba in achieving its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, your organization or agency must be a legal entity, a registered non-governmental (NGO) or governmental organization, an academic or research institution, and must demonstrate that it has:

  • previous experience in delivering and managing projects
  • preferably previous experience working with international agencies/organizations
  • proof of legal registration
  • sufficient technical, financial, human, and logistical capacity to deliver the project being proposed How to bid

The application process must include the following forms

  1. Project Proposal Form for projects under £10,000
  2. A fully developed Activity-Based Budget (financial breakdown)

The Embassy Programme Fund does not authorize the purchase of capital goods, flight costs above economy class, nor can it fund purely academic research projects.

Only bids approved by the Embassy Programme Board will be considered for delivery. Bidders will be advised if a concept bid has been accepted and approved for implementation. If provisionally approved, bidders will be asked for further due diligence information, and finally asked to sign a contract or grant agreement with the British Embassy, Havana.

Please send all project documents to the dedicated projects email address:;

In the subject line of the email please indicate “Project Proposal Form” and please include in the body of the message a brief reference to the organization and the project title.

The deadline for submission of project concept bids is Wednesday 25 November 2020.

The budget

Project proposals must show in outline how budgets are to be spent using the Activity Based Budget Form (ABB). Value for money must be demonstrated.

The full bid document must be accompanied by a fully completed activity-based budget. Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Project Management Procedures require the delivery of the budget using the ABB form.

This must be completed – the project proposal will not be considered without a detailed ABB. Break down all activity costs into components, so it is clear how they are made up and which month particular payments are due. Provide as much detail as possible, (i.e. do not state just the figure for a workshop, but break that down into venue, catering, travel costs etc.).

Delivery must be complete by 28 February 2021

The Embassy is looking for innovative projects, with concrete objectives and measurable policy outcomes. We remind bidders that we cannot fund academic research projects, or research collaboration projects. Your proposal must demonstrate a clear link between proposed activities and the expected outcomes in the strategic area of Climate Change


Date Activities
by 25 November 2020 Deadline for Implementers to submit Project Proposal Forms to the British Embassy Havana Programme Team
26 November to 3 December 2020 Project Proposal Forms reviewed by Havana-London Programme Board at the British Embassy in Havana
4 December 2020 Outcome of full bids notified to implementers/bidders

Documents for downloading

  1. Project Proposal Form under £10,000 (MS Word Document, 289KB) (MS Word Document, 288 KB)
  2. Activity Based Budget Form (ABB) (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 30.2KB) (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 29.6 KB)
Published 17 November 2020