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Civil/crime news: rollout of contract performance reports

Reports highlighting performance against contractual requirements will be emailed to all providers quarterly from January 2018.


What do the reports show?

A wealth of important information about contractual performance is contained in each ‘Provider Activity Report’ (PAR). Some examples include:

  • Defence Solicitor Call Centre acceptance rates
  • rejects for claims submitted
  • reconciliation statistics for standard and variable monthly payments

Why are you doing this now?

Your PAR is important to how we manage your contract and we want to be transparent about the information we hold.

The idea is to give providers the opportunity to review and monitor changes in performance using the same information that we hold.

You should already be familiar with the content of these reports through discussions with your contract manager.

We have been piloting the reports with providers in Bristol and London for the last few months and have listened to feedback. This has allowed us to refine the reports and our approach to sharing them.

Outcome of pilot

PARs were sent successfully to around 800 providers during August and September.

Feedback focused on making the reports as easy to use as possible e.g. increasing font size, removing excess pages, and using blanks rather than 0s for example.

We have also worked to:

  • improve the guidance that sits alongside PAR
  • make sure contract managers are equipped to answer more detailed questions or address concerns at annual visits

Timescales and next steps

All providers will start receiving quarterly PARs from January 2018.

Who will you contact?

We plan to email the designated primary contact email address we hold for your office in Contracted Work and Administration (CWA).

How can I check you have the right email address?

You can check the designated primary contact email address we hold for you by going into the CWA system.

There is a user guide on GOV.UK which sets out how to check and amend this information – see below.

Further information

CWA detailed user guides – download ‘CWA user guide admin’ and see page 7 ‘Primary Contacts’

Published 11 January 2018