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Civil/crime news: new legal aid innovations working group

Register your interest now in a new working group requested by practitioners.


A working group of legal aid practitioners is being set up to look at ideas for improving the operation of the legal aid system.

We’ve agreed to help set up the Legal Aid Innovations Working Group following requests from a number of practitioners.

The idea is to explore innovative ideas put forward by providers and advocates.

There will be a special focus on suggestions that could improve provider profitability and/or customer experience without adding extra costs to the public purse.

Next steps

Please consider whether you would like to join the Legal Aid Innovations Working Group and think about possible innovations that could be considered.

A date will be set for an initial meeting towards the end of October 2014 in London. If you are interested please contact us using the email address below.

Further information – to register your interest and send ideas for the group to consider.

Published 9 October 2014