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Civil/crime news: logging-in to LAA Portal after upgrade work

Access to our Portal and guidance on logging-in after upgrade work during May 2017.


Essential improvements to the LAA Portal are being made in May 2017 and you will need to reset your password once the upgrade has been completed.

It is vital that that you know your password for the current Portal in order to do this.

If you cannot recall your current password you will need to use the ‘Password Resets’ link below. We recommend that this is done by 26 April 2017.

If you know your password you will not need to reset it at this stage.

The upgrade means that the Portal will have to be taken down at off-peak periods. Once the work has been completed you should see the following improvements:

  • increased stability
  • quicker log-in times
  • more user-friendly password reset process
  • status bar for all applications, providing up-to-date information on any issues affecting performance

When is this happening?

We will contact users in advance to confirm when this is happening and provide more detail on what can be expected.

The work will be carried out in stages to minimise the disruption. But it will mean occasional ‘outages’ i.e. the Portal will be taken down. As a result, all applications accessed through the Portal will not be available.

The work will take place outside peak submission periods wherever possible. So, we recommend working on the submission of bills or applications before scheduled ‘outages’.

Otherwise, you will need to delay submissions until the Portal is back online.

Offline applications

If you need to complete a criminal application while the Portal is unavailable you should use the offline CRM14 eForm – see link below.

CCLF user roles

When you log in you may notice an additional Crown Court Litigator Fee Online user role in your Contracted Work and Administration navigator page. You do not need to take any action, and will not receive any notifications or emails about this.

Further information

Crime eForm – see ‘CRM14 eForm offline user guide’ on what to do if the Portal is down

Password Resets – use this link and select the password reset video from the list of options

Published 12 April 2017