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Civil news: revisions to checklists for CIV Claim2 and certificate outcomes

Checklists amended for CIV Claim2 and certificate outcomes for individual civil cases.


Updates have been made to checklists used when completing the CIV Claim2 form and to help with entering codes for certificate outcomes.

The updated checklists are:

  • CIV Claim2 checklist
  • Certificate outcome checklist

What is changing?

CIV Claim2 checklist: Removal of incorrect references to Claim1 in the numbered requirements set out under 2, 8, 10, 11, 15 and 21.

Certificate outcomes checklist: Updates to Codes “G” and “I1” under “Box one: at what stage did the case end”.

Further information

CIV Claim2: other party costs claim (in full or part) – to download accompanying checklist

Output, expert and claiming codes – for certificate outcomes checklist

Published 30 July 2015