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Civil news: reminder to use correct immigration form

Important to send us the updated escape fee case claim form – immigration (EC Claim 1 – IMM).


The updated ‘EC Claim 1 – IMM’ is one of a number of civil application and claim forms which are now mandatory to use.

The new form is version 8 and was introduced on 4 August 2014. It became mandatory for claims submitted early in September 2014.

Revisions to the application and claims forms reflect:

  • changes made as part of the Legal Aid Transformation (LAT) project
  • recent contract changes

In the case of the new ‘EC Claim 1 – IMM’ form, the redesign should help ensure the required information is requested at the point of submission.

The idea is to avoid unnecesary rejection of your claim.

Benefits of version 8 forms

The new form is longer but far more user-friendly. It allows you to provide the necessary information in a clearer and simpler manner than previous versions.

Using the revised form and accompanying checklist should improve the acceptance rates of your claims and avoid additional requests for information.

What happens if you submit an old form?

The new forms were introduced on 4 August 2014 and the transition period which we allowed is now over.

This means that if any old forms are submitted they will need to be returned to you. We will ask you to resubmit the claim using a version 8 form.

Further information

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Published 25 September 2014