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Civil news: civil legal aid forms updated

Updated civil legal aid forms are being introduced from 4 August 2014.


Updated versions of various civil legal aid forms are available online for use from 4 August.

Changes are being made to reflect reforms introduced as part of the legal aid transformation programme as well as a number of contract changes. The forms that are being released for use from 4th August are:

Application forms:

  • CIV APP 1 Application for a legal aid certificate: non-family proceedings
  • CIV APP 3 Application for a legal aid certificate: family proceedings
  • CIV APP 5 Application for a legal aid certificate: special children act proceedings
  • CIV APP 6 Emergency application via email
  • CIV APP 8 Application for amendment or prior authority in civil cases
  • CIV APP 8A Application for prior authority to incur expenditure in civil cases

Means forms:

  • CIV MEANS 1 Applicants not receiving income support or income-based jobseeker’s allowance
  • CIV MEANS 1 The guide
  • CIV MEANS 2 People who receive income support or income-based jobseeker’s allowance
  • CIV MEANS 2 The guide
  • CIV MEANS 3 Use if the applicant’s home is outside the UK

Claim forms:

  • CIV CLAIM 1 Assessment of costs not subject to fixed fee schemes
  • CIV CLAIM1A Costs in fixed fee public and private law schemes
  • CIV CLAIM 5 Family graduated fee (counsel)
  • CIV CLAIM 5A Family advocacy scheme (counsel)
  • CIV ADMIN 1 Preservation or recovery under the statutory charge

Controlled work application forms:

  • CW1 &2 Mental health
  • CW 3 Extension of upper cost limit: non-immigration matters
  • CW 4 Review of refusal or withdrawal of controlled legal representation (immigration matters),
  • CWC (MH) Mental health application for prior authority to incur enhanced rates for counsel

Controlled work claim forms:

EC CLAIM 1 Escape fee case claim form – Civil Mental Health Immigration

Changes made to each form are detailed in the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) civil forms change guide.

Advocates Attendance form

HMCTS has also amended the advocates attendance form (AAF) to reflect changes to the family advocacy scheme bundle bolt-on fees. The new version of the AAF will be available from 31 July.

Transitional arrangements – LAA forms

Though the forms will be available from 4 August the date from which the new forms will be mandatory has been extended to 1 September 2014.

Completed paper postal forms (pre-August version) received on or before 5pm on 5 September 2014 but signed and dated before 1 September 2014 will be accepted.

All forms signed and dated on or after the 1 September must be the new versions.

E-mail submissions:

All completed forms using the pre-August version sent electronically on or before midnight on 31st August 2014 will be accepted. All forms that are sent electronically after this time must be the new versions.

These transitional arrangements will also apply for Emergency Applications.

Client and Cost Management System (CCMS)

This will not affect providers who are using the CCMS. The system will automatically be updated with the necessary form changes.

Transitional arrangements – Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) form

The revised AAF will be available for use from 31 July, although court staff will continue to accept the previous version of the form until notified otherwise.

Further information

LAA Civil forms change guide

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Published 28 August 2014