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Civil news: reminder list to encourage prompt billing of claims

New process means list of outstanding certificates will be sent to providers every two months as aid to financial controls.


We are introducing a new process on 2 February 2018 to help ensure providers are keeping track of the billing on outstanding legal aid certificates.

What does this mean?

You will be sent a list by email every two months which details all outstanding certificates for legal aid work in your organisation.

What should we do with the list?

We recommend that providers cross-reference the list with their own records to ensure they have billed for outstanding payments.

Is this a demand for payment?

This is not a demand for payment or notice of our intention to recoup payments on account.

Do I need to respond to the email?

This is only a reminder for providers to bill outstanding claims in a timely way. You do not have to respond.

Why are you doing this?

Prompt submission of claims allows for greater financial control for all involved. It is in the interests of both the Legal Aid Agency and the provider for bills to be processed in good time.

Will the UPOA team still contact us?

Yes, the Unrecouped Payment on Account (UPOA) team will continue to contact providers when they are concerned about certificates where there has been no final claim.

If you are contacted in this way it is important to respond to requests within the specified time frame. If you do not respond outstanding payments on account will be recouped i.e. taken back by the Legal Agency.

Does this change any billing processes?

No, providers should continue to submit claims in the normal way.

What should I do if I have an enquiry?

Providers should use the usual ‘billing enquiry’ feature for CCMS cases. For paper claims you should email:

Published 2 February 2018