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Civil news: new leaflets to promote Civil Legal Advice available

Leaflets highlight help available from national Civil Legal Advice (CLA) helpline for England and Wales.


New Civil Legal Advice (CLA) leaflets have been developed by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to raise awareness of how and when people can access legal help via CLA.

There are 3 leaflets:

  1. Help for people at risk of losing their home
  2. Help for people with special educational needs
  3. Help for victims of discrimination

They are available to download along with a provider guide called ‘Civil Legal Advice: A guide for practitioners’ – see links below.

This guide for practitioners’ sets out the help available through the legal aid funded CLA, and aims to help practitioners identify whether their clients who are seeking legal advice might qualify for CLA.

Further information

Work out who qualifies for civil legal aid – use this link and then scroll down page to download civil legal advice leaflets

Civil legal advice

Check if you can get legal aid

Published 21 January 2015