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Civil news: new cases processed faster online

Time taken to process civil cases online will be faster in future, on average, compared to cases processed on paper.


More than 70% of providers have used the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS). We now receive more than half of new civil applications online each week.

To reflect this shift, more LAA staff are now being trained and deployed to process civil work online. This will mean that the time taken to process online work is likely to be faster. And as a natural consequence, work submitted on paper may take longer to process in comparison, although targets will still be met.

Get ready for CCMS working now

It takes time to train staff, adapt working practices and get used to a new system. So we encourage you to work with us online, using CCMS, if you are not already doing so. In particular, we recommend that you:

  • start to submit most of your new civil applications electronically
  • increase the amount of complex work you are processing through the system

Provider feedback

One provider told us that they viewed each new application, amendment and bill as an opportunity to learn: “As you familiarise yourself with the system, it becomes easier to navigate and use”.

Veja and Co said: “The training courses have been very informative but more regular use of the system has revealed more. It’s evident that once you are comfortable with CCMS, you have better control over the management of cases as well as billing.

“CCMS does require a fair amount of use to be able to become proficient. It is as good as the time that is invested in it.”

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Published 28 October 2015