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Civil news: how to get your bill paid on first submission

New guidance to help speed up the payment of Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) bills and avoid further information requests.


We have identified five common issues that prevent us paying a bill first time and these are detailed in new guidance on our training website.

‘Avoiding secondary billing requests’ is a new ‘quick guide’ module to help avoid your CCMS bill being included in the 26% we return using a further information document request.

Dealing with incorrectly returned claims

If you think we have asked for information that you believe has already been provided you can challenge this request using the recently upgraded ‘Civil Claim Fix’ service.

Other useful guidance

There is a wide range of advanced billing guidance on the CCMS training website. These give step-by-step instructions on:

  • completing appeal bills
  • court assessed bills
  • high cost billing
  • outcomes

The advanced guides are intended as a next step once you are comfortable with the basics of CCMS.

Drop us a line if you would find advanced guides in other areas of CCMS work useful.

Further information

CCMS training website: closing cases and submitting bills – scroll down to the ‘advanced billing guides’ for the module on ‘avoiding secondary billing requests’ – to contact our ‘Civil Claim Fix’ team – to provide feedback on the quick and advanced guides

Published 12 December 2017