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Civil news: how to avoid your claim being rejected

You can make more successful claims by understanding why submissions are sometimes turned down.


Avoid the frustrations of failed claims by learning why some are rejected and using the tools and guidance provided online.

Rejected claims most commonly fall into the following categories:

Certificated bills

  • reconciliation of counsel’s fees
  • voucher or invoice not provided or contains insufficient detail
  • form not completed
  • incorrect rate/hearing unit claimed
  • form not signed

Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) claims

  • incorrect rate/hearing unit claimed
  • court attendance note or listing time required
  • hearing out of scope
  • final bill already authorised
  • cost limitation reached

Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) claims

  • counsel cost allocation insufficient
  • interim bill not applicable
  • outcomes not processed
  • multiple document requests
  • incorrect fee scheme selected
  • incorrect rate
  • Incorrect rate/hearing unit claimed
  • CWA submission requires amendment
  • claim not uploaded to CWA
  • EC1 not signed or dated
  • Missing running record of costs

Using the following tools for help in submitting your claims correctly:


All claim forms have checklists that detail our minimum requirements. These are used by caseworkers to check your claims. Using checklists will ensure you have made the necessary checks and enclosed the relevant documentation.

Following requests from providers we’re drafting similar checklists for claims submitted on CCMS.


There are a number of guidance sources which detail what can be claimed. These include the contract specification and associated cost assessment guidance.

You can also look at our operational guidance detailed in the electronic handbooks. There are separate ones for certificated and for legal help escape cases.

For CCMS cases the quick guides will assist you in submitting your claim correctly.

There will be further bulletins with more guidance on some of the more common reject reasons.

Checklists for certificated work –with relevant claim forms

Checklists for legal help escape cases –with relevant claim forms

Cost Assessment Guidance

Escape case electronic handbook

Civil finance electronic handbook

CCMS quick guides

Published 26 May 2016